How to create your own YouTube Channel


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Learn with the best, this is a comprehensive lecture series offered by The Futur Team, on building a successful YouTube channel from scratch.

Get a beginner’s guide to building a successful YouTube channel from scratch.

  • 45-Minute lecture recording
  • Generate content ideas
  • Make viral videos
  • Make money with your channel
  • Build a community

Why do this course with The Futur Team?

The Futur is a group of creative professionals and educators that teach practical design and business education to a fast-growing global audience. They have a mission to teach one billion creatives how to make money doing what they love. Learn more and follow the hashtag #1BminusOne.

The Futur not only makes their courses fun and easy to understand but will also walk you through step by step. In this specific course, you will be using Chris Do’s own experience growing The Futur’s successful YouTube Channel (700K+ Subscribers), you will find the answers to your questions. You’ll build a strong foundation and community while also finding your voice and niche.

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